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What is Quant? ($QNT)

Jaiya Gill

What is Quant? ($QNT)

What is Quant ($QNT)?

Quant token power Quant’s ‘Overledger’ technology which acts as a gateway for public and private blockchains to connect to each other. Quant’s network allows users to create mapps, which allow decentralized protocols to operate on multiple blockchains at the same time.

What is Quant used for?

At the heart of Quant is the Quant blockchain which is a technology that automates the trust functions between multiple blockchains with the help of the Overledger operating system.

The system is marketed as the first operating system for blockchains, with the overarching goal to connect blockchains and networks such as those for the provision of financial services on a global scale, whilst retaining their interoperability.

The Overledger represents the core around which quant envisions their digital economy ecosystem will be built, developers and businesses inside of the quant ecosystem to build decentralized multi-chain applications (known as MApps) for their customers. The Overledger is secured only with the use of QUANT (QNT) tokens which are utilized to pay for the platform use fees or annual licenses.

Quant is partnered with tech giants such as Oracle and Nexi to provide integrations to their enterprise clients.

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