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What is Cronos? ($CRO)

Jaiya Gill

What is Cronos? ($CRO)

What is Cronos ($CRO)?

Chronos is the token which powers the ecosystem and the cosmos blockchain. is a exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as earn rewards and exclusive experiences by staking Cronos on the platform. The Chronos platform is built on Ethermint, an Ethereum Virtual Machine running on Cosmos.

How does Cronos work in a nutshell?

Chronos has two uses:

  1. Staking for exclusive rewards on the platform such as cashback cards - where users can use cryptocurrencies for payment at point-of-sale systems.
  2. The base currency on the blockchain, where it can be used in the DeFi ecosystem or used to pay fees.

Cronos is fully interoperable with the Ethereum blockchain through a bridge - and boasts lower cost per transaction and higher throughput than Ethereum.

Chronos has built a strong community of builders, and is continuing to expand its use cases in tandem with the growth of the platform.

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