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What is Alongside?


What is Alongside?

Alongside is a community that builds on-chain index products, such as the AMKT Crypto Index designed to enable broad-based and thematic exposure to crypto-asset markets.

Our mission is to lower the barrier to entry in crypto using the same tool in the toolkit that saved stock market investors tens of billions in fees and ushered in a new era in retail investing – low-fee index products that give you exposure to themes and the broader market.

We believe in a world where long-term crypto exposure should be accessible, and simple. The AMKT Crypto Index makes it trivially easy to get diversified exposure to the entire market without taking bets, making guesses, or diving into technical details.

The Alongside DAO is a decentralized community building passive index products on Ethereum and its contributors include Ethereum core developers, finance professionals, and technologists from leading firms.

The goal of the AMKT DAO is to create the first on-chain broad-based index for the crypto ecosystem - a single asset that tracks and benchmarks the crypto asset market. This is achieved by creating a fully redeemable ERC-20 token (index token) that is backed with in-kind assets included in the index. Much like wBTC, which is backed with Bitcoin collateral held by a trusted third-party custodian, the crypto index Alongside Crypto Market Index (AMKT) is fully collateralized by the index’s constituents.

The Alongside team was a major contributor to the AMKT DAO and now focuses on building a suite of products to support the AMKT ecosystem.

Buy the entire crypto market in a single token.