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Who to follow on Crypto Twitter?

Jaiya Gill

Who to follow on Crypto Twitter?

The world of Web3 is super exciting, but it can be a bit confusing to learn more and understand it. We made a list of some really interesting people on Crypto Twitter whose resources can help you learn better and stay up to date. 

Learning about Web3 can be overwhelming, but luckily leaders in the space are constantly sharing their thoughts and ideas on Crypto Twitter. Following leaders in the space helps guarantee that you’re receiving quality information and filtering through the noise. 

As Crypto Twitter continues to grow, there are constantly new thought leaders, influencers, and experts emerging. We couldn’t fit them all in this list, so maybe we’ll just have to post another soon. 

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Crypto Twitter people and tweets (in no particular order):

Gaby Goldberg 


Investing in Web3 at TCG Crypto (@tcg_crypto). If you’ve spent even a minute on Crypto Twitter, you’ve definitely come across Gaby’s account. Gaby is a driving voice on the latest Web3 trends and provides terrific resources for those looking to enter or advance in the space. Most notably, her job board is filled with exciting opportunities for those looking at roles in crypto.

Alex Masmej


Co-founder and CEO of Showtime (@tryshowtime), a Web3 social network. Alex is an OG in the truest sense of the word. He created the $Alex token, one of the first Web3 social tokens. Alex gives thoughtful updates and insights on all the latest Web3 trends and topics. 



Research at Messari (@Messaricrypto). Eshita shares her knowledge on the space and writes some of the most well-structured and thought-out Web3 topic breakdowns. She’s a must follow for anyone looking to deepen their crypto knowledge.



Specializing in memes and shitposting, Shl0ms is a pseudo-anonymous Twitter Banksy. Shl0ms is a Web3 trendsetter on NFTs, Art, and nuanced commentary on the space. He’s also blowing up a lamborghini, he’s not one to miss. 



Dame is a leader in the Web3 ecosystem. Dame works on making the space more accessible for all, A great follow for engaging insights on community building in the Web3 space and intro to crypto content. 



Seyi is an experienced founder of multiple Web3 projects. Definitely a worthwhile follow for nuanced commentary on the space, its issues, and a passion for educating newcomers.

Li Jin


Co-founder of Variant (@VariantFund), Atelier (@AtelierVentures), Side Hustle Stack (@SideHustleStack) and Means of Creation (@MeansofCreation). Li hosts exciting conversations around the intersection of Web3 and the creator economy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself unable to sleep, exploring down the rabbithole of her renowned threads. 

Chris Dixon


Leads Web3 at a16z (@a16z). A man who needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway. Chris is a leader in the space and an excellent resource for beginners by breaking down Web3 topics into digestible and noteworthy threads.

Chase Chapman


Co-founder of Decentology (@decentology). Chase deep-dives into DAOs and covers the human side of Web3. Also, if you haven't already, check out her podcast where she highlights all things DAOs, including some of the people behind them. 

Ian Kar


Ian is the co-founder of Fintech Today (@fintechtoday_). He’s extremely active on crypto Twitter and a great follow to stay in the know of all the latest Web3 news, highlights, commentary, and updates in the space.

Diana Chen


Content at RabbitHole (@rabbithole_gg). Diana breaks down Web3 basics and helps to onboard the next billions users into the space through easily digestible content. She hosts RabbitHole’s official podcast DAOn the Rabbit Hole which is a go to for anyone wanting to learn about the Web3 space. 

Ryan Selkis


Founder of Messari (@messaricrypto). Ryan tweets on ecosystem trends at large and is pushing crypto regulation forward. Each year, Ryan and his team at Messari publish the most anticipated crypto thesis report covering all key crypto trends, people, companies, and projects to watch. 

Casey Caruso


Investment partner at Paradigm (@paradigm). Casey tweets on trends & the future of the space in clear and understandable terms. She answers some of the big questions so we don’t have to. 

Cooper Turley


Co-founder of Friends With Benefits (@FWBtweets) one of the most popular social DAOs. He doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind and is an excellent follower for compelling content breaking down Web3 and the creator economy. He’s a vocal advocate for music NFTs and is inspiring the next generation of crypto users to onboard.

Tiffany Zhong


Co-founder of Islands (@IslandsXYZ). TZ hosts thought-provoking conversations around NFTs, creators, and community in Web3. She also started a podcast with 776 founder Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) covering all things NFTs! 

Miguel Piedrafita


Miguel is a 19-year-old maker and the famously purple hair developer. He is one of the most talented engineers in the Web3 space. He tweets about crypto, code, and the ecosystem and frequently releases helpful projects to better the space.

Here's a recent thought on energy consumption with web3:




Community at ens.eth (@ensdomains). Follow Alisha to learn more about all things ens domains and the Ethereum network. Alisha is amongst the most talented community builders across our industry. Her conversations and tweets constantly cover new and thoughtful information.

Brian Flynn


Co-founder of RabbitHole (@rabbithole_gg). Brian is super active and engaging and tweets excellent educational content and takeaways on the latest Web3 topics. He’s leading adoption forward in the space with his work at RabbitHole. 

Jane Lippencott


Partner at a16z (@a16z) crypto. Jane highlights the latest trends and discussions in Web3, beyond the borders of what people typically think of when mentioning Web3. She has her finger on the pulse of it all. 

Kevin Chou


Founder of SuperLayer (@superlayerio), Rally (@rally_io), Gen.G Esports (@GenG), and Forte (@FortePlatform). Kevin's content focuses on understanding social tokens, Web3’s effects on the gaming industry, and general Web3 knowledge. He has become a prominent voice in the space. 

Maria Shen


Investor at Electric Capital (@ElectricCapital). For the NFT curious, follow Maria for all the latest and regular updates on NFT insights and projects. Her content is super relevant for anyone looking to actively get involved. 

Packy McCormick


Founder of Not Boring, one of the few newsletters you should read religiously, and investing at Not Boring Capital. Packy champions innovation in the space, writing about founders, projects, and breaking down complicated topics in simple ways. He’s easily a must-subscribe news source for regular updates. 

Julia Lipton


Investing at Awesome People Ventures and leading Official DAO Masters (@daomastersxyz). Julia discovers some of the latest and must follow Web3 projects, and continually supports founders in the ecosystem. She manages to regularly put out refreshing and interesting Twitter content on the space. 



Degen in Chief at Today in DeFi (@todayindefi). Safetyth1rd is no stranger to building the future. A great follow for intelligent commentary and research on Decentralized Finance from a Defi founder. 

Vitalik Buterin


Founder of Ethereum (@Ethereum). This crypto pioneer is best known for continuing to shape and influence innovation in all of Web3. He’s one of the most visionary minds in the ecosystem and constantly provides some of the greatest insights on all things blockchain. 

Cuy Sheffield


Head of crypto at Visa (@Visa). Cuy provides next level analysis and is a true thought leader in the crypto space. Follow him for crypto news and the intersection of finance, community, and crypto. 

Tess Rinearson


Leads crypto at Twitter (@Twitter). Tess tweets insights and research on NFTs and various Web3 topics. She’s working on some cool things for the future of the space, so you don’t want to miss out.

Collins Belton


One of the most well-versed attorneys on Web3 regulation. He is a prominent voice in the space and one of the few willing to spark the conversation. 



Venture investor at Coinbase (@coinbase). Katie creates content that is easy to digest and helps to onboard the next billion users into Web3. She’s a great resource for those newer to the space. 

Raj Gokal


Co-founder of Solana (@solana). Raj is an excellent follow to learn more about the Solana ecosystem, another blockchain challenging Ethereum's early-start. He’s a prominent voice in the space and posts all the latest solana news and updates.

Arianna Simpson


General Partner at a16z (@a16z) investing in Web3. Arianna tweets on the latest and most exciting projects, companies and research in the space. She is helping push the conversation and innovation forward. 


Matt Huang


Co-founder of Paradigm (@paradigm). Matt is an amazing source for crypto insights. He publishes compelling content around the most significant conversations in Web3.

Julia Rosenberg


Co-founder of Orca Protocal (@OrcaProtocol). Julia constantly leads conversations on all things DAOs and DEXs and has helped spur the growth of the ecosystem. She is an excellent resource for those interested in joining or starting a DAO, while learning from a founder in the space. 

Mario Gabriele


Founder of The Generalist (@thegeneralistco), a newsletter on tech trends. Mario is the creator of Philosophical Foxes (@FoxesNFT) and a prolific writer. He writes insightful commentary on the Web3 ecosystem. Another must-read newsletter. 

Kinjal Shah


Investor at Blockchain Capital (@blockchaincap) and Komorebi Collective (@KomorebiFund). Kinjal researches and analyzes high-level Web3 topics, so you don’t have to. She provides educational takeaways great for those looking to begin their journey or continue to learn more about the space.

Will Papper


Co-founder of Syndicate (@SyndicateDAO). Will creates chain investing communities and is an excellent resource for DAOs and community building in Web3. He often posts colorful commentary on the latest happenings in the space.

Natalie Brunell


Natalie is the host of Coin Stories, a #bitcoin podcast. She gives thoughtful commentary on the Web3 space and shares the latest updates from the Bitcoin community. 

Jessie Walden


Founder of Variant Fund (@variantfund), focusing on growing the ownership economy. Jesse analyzes Web3 trends and apps. He invests in innovative projects and founders, and is one of the most prominent voices in the ecosystem.

Gabby Dizon


Co-founder of Yield Guild Games (@yieldguild). Play-to-earn is becoming a frequently discussed conversation in Web3, and Gabby showcases how play-to-earn will impact the gaming industry and different communities at large.

Anish Agnihotri


Research at Paradigm (@paradigm). Anish is an innovation leader in the industry and one of the most talented engineers in the space. He’s a must follow to stay on the cutting edge of the tech.

Amy Wu


Partner at Lightspeed (@lightspeedvp). Amy highlights industry trends, with a special interest towards the intersection of crypto and gaming. 

Santiago R Santos


Leading PleasrDAO (@pleasrdao). Santiago comments on Defi, Web3, and where we can expect to lead in the future. He also offers great tips and unique analysis.

Crypto Casey


Casey makes informational and educational content about blockchain technology. Definitely a worthwhile follow, as she produces videos on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for beginners. 

Peter Yang


Founder of web3 education at Odyssey (@odyssey_dao). He also has a newsletter where he writes on the creator economy. He’s a worthwhile follow for educational breakdowns. 

Jennifer Sutto


Podcast host of NFTCatcherPod (@NFTCatcherPod). She discusses all of the latest NFT news and projects. Jennifer also tweets thoughts and memes on NFTs, amongst other web3 topics. 

Andrew Steinwold 


NFT investing at Sfermion (@sfermion_). Andrew breaks down NFTs and the latest projects and trends. He hosts an NFT focused podcast Zima Red (@zima_red) and blog exploring those building in the metaverse.

Laura Shin


Crypto Journalist and host of Unchained Podcast (@unchained_pod) & newsletter on the ecosystem. Laura started one of the most popular crypto podcasts where she interviews the best minds in the space. She is a must follow to stay on top of what's happening in the ecosystem.

Reuben Bramanathan


Leading IDEO CoLab Ventures (@IDEOVC). Reuben helps crypto projects solve challenging projects. He’s an insightful follow to stay up to date with the blockchain ecosystem.

Camila Russo


Author of The Infinite Machine and founder of The Defiant (@DefiantNews). Camila is one of the best resources for following news, updates, and current events in the space. She’s definitely an interesting and engaging follow.

Ryan Watkins


Research at Messari (@MessariCrypto). Ryan is a respected individual in the space and publishes in-depth insights covering the crypto landscape, amongst the occasional meme.

Ali Yahya


General Partner at a16z (@a16z) investing in Web3. Follow Ali to stay up to date on the latest and notable crypto projects while he breaks down different key topics. 

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