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Announcing AMKT


Announcing AMKT

Alongside is an accessible finance community committed to building no-BS products for all investors.

Our first product, The Alongside Crypto Market Index ($AMKT) launches to a global audience today. It enables exposure to the entire cryptoasset market via a single token. It’s backed 1:1 with the underlying assets at all times. AMKT already has broad industry support including exchanges like, wallets (Rainbow & Zerion), custodians (BitGo), onramps (Transak), and Ethereum scaling protocols (Polygon).

In the last few decades, index investing has saved people billions in fees, served as a simple gateway for millions of regular people to invest, and enabled them to own trillions of dollars in equities, bonds, and real estate. 

We believe the same simple philosophy “just buy the market and hold forever” applies to cryptoassets too.

AMKT passively tracks the overall movement of 25 crypto assets, determined by circulating supply market cap. When you buy AMKT, you’re tracking the proportions of those 25 tokens. To make sure the index accurately reflects the market over time, AMKT is rebalanced monthly and reconstituted quarterly, allowing for long-term exposure without the need to constantly monitor Twitter or try to pick individual winners.

Despite the challenges the space has faced in the last year, we believe it is still in its infancy. We aspire to build a community with a commitment to extreme transparency, low fees, and long-termism that enables anyone to save and build ownership in what we believe is one of the most exciting sectors in economic history.

Our hope is to help usher in a more healthy era for crypto and build a community characterized by long-termism instead of trading. We hope you’ll join us!

Buy the entire crypto market in a single token.